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REALIZATION: Balcony Enclosure 
DIMENSIONS: 379 x 166 x 244 cm

WST GROUP, located in the town of Plewiska near Poznań, has recently completed another successful project – the enclosure of a balcony for sun protection. Adjustable aluminum louvers are installed on the structure, allowing for the regulation of incoming sunlight. This solution provides users with the ability to comfortably control the amount of sunlight entering the balcony. The entire structure is crafted from aluminum with a cross-section of 80 mm x 80 mm and a wall thickness of 3 mm. The robust profile ensures not only great stability but also long-term durability. The entire enclosure, including the adjustable aluminum panels, is coated with a matte white RAL 9010 powder coating, giving it a fresh and beautiful appearance that harmonizes well with various architectural styles.

The construction is made using a welded-bolted technology, anchored to the facade wall with special adapters, and the vertical pillars are fixed to the ground with moisture protection. The balcony enclosure is customized to the dimensions desired by the customer: length 379 cm, depth 166 cm, and height 244 cm. With such structures, you will provide protection from the sun and partial shelter from the rain, all while creating a comfortable space on the balcony where you can enjoy relaxation and spend time in the fresh air.

These types of enclosures not only offer practical sun protection but also serve as an aesthetic addition to any terrace or balcony. Thanks to their solid construction and high-quality materials, sun enclosures will provide service for many years while maintaining their functionality and elegance. This is the perfect solution for individuals seeking a comfortable outdoor space for relaxation, regardless of the weather.

We approach each customer individually, and our enclosures are an ideal alternative when dealing with non-standard terrace and balcony dimensions or obstacles that prevent the use of standard pergola systems. We provide every customer with a free estimate and a 3D design of the enclosure.

Custom enclosures offer the opportunity to use any structure and color from the RAL color palette, an option not available with enclosures found in traditional retail stores.

To learn more about sun enclosures for terraces and balconies, please visit the OFFER-ENCLOSURES section on our website.

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